We choose to take Love beyond the walls of our church and into our community in need. Throughout the year we have teams heading out to different orphanages, Elderly homes

and other homes for patients of various terminal conditions in order to share God’s love, give them hope, share our testimonies and also to pray with them. We see every opportunity as one where we can share about Jesus and so this is a big part of the vision we carry at NGS.


The calling of all creation is to declare God’s excellence and his majesty and let that echo in the hearts of people.

The NGS worship team is a group of ordinary people chasing after the extraordinary presence and grace of God. Musicians and Singers alike are focused to see the manifestation of God’s freedom, Love, Peace and Presence among the people as praise is lifted up. The talent God has placed in this team is being collectively used in all platform to exalt the name of Jesus and to bring hope and peace to the hearts of people.


Our Youth have been freely expressing the message of Jesus and his love effectively through dance on various platforms.

We have talented and dedicated youth who tirelessly give all they have so that they can glorify the Lord. This team is ever growing with talent and are always innovative in how they present the gospel. Creative storytelling and impactful moves has been the core of their performances as they reach out to youth with meaningful visual presentation. This team has performed on various occasions inside and outside the church and they have been a blessing in every place they have performed and lives have been touched through their ministry.


Girl Talk in a ministry that is specially held for the ladies in NGS and it is under the leadership of Pastor Nicole.

The ladies have get-togethers where they listen to the word, have active games, discussions and a time of prayer. These meetings are held on the last Saturday of every month and every month there is a new topic that Pastor Nicole shares with the girls in the form of a message and we also have activities which help us understand the topic more. Topics include Prayer, Relationships, Anger, Attitude, Spiritual growth and others. The ladies in this ministry are also involved in reaching out to schools and colleges in order to meet young women, share the love of Christ and to pray for them. The time spent in prayer by the girls of this ministry have been resulting in powerful testimonies and we see the ladies growing in the Lord and being a blessing in their surroundings.


To serve with a humble heart just as Christ served is a powerful way to reach those who do not know of Jesus.

The selfless people of this ministry who put the needs of the congregation above themselves do not go unnoticed as the little things they do contribute to the ministry at large. Not only do they do what is necessary to prepare the environment for the service but they also felicitate in making new comers feel welcomed and show acceptance and love to all those who come for the services.


Media has the power to alter our perception and our beliefs. To bring about thought provoking, innovative and influential content,

we have the Media ministry who are constantly bringing new ideas and presentations for the youth. Whether it is promotional videos, lyrics for a song, announcements or other visual content, this ministry does its best to ensure quality and perfection in their execution. The people behind this ministry are immensely talented and use those talents to contribute to the church and also towards special event, making the message of Jesus more impressionable among the masses.

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