Always Loved, Freely Forgiven, Never Judged

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light”. 1 Peter 2:9

Full Gospel Assembly of God Church in Bangalore, India believes that the future of this great nation lies in the youth of today – the new generation – the now generation.
God is in the business of calling young people out of darkness into His light. The New Generation Service (NGS) is a place where the love of God so fills the atmosphere that everyone feel so accepted no matter who they are, where they are from or what they have done.

Insecure, criticized, forsaken, hurt, bitter, lonely and lacking acceptance, many young people live with guilt, fear and shame. NGS desires to make a difference in their lives by sharing the love of Christ and the forgiveness that He offers and also by assuring them of being accepted without any condemnation.

NGS desires to raise up mighty warriors for Christ that they may come to know who their God is and know who they are in Christ.
We invite you to come and experience the rich blessings God has in store for you. The New Generation Service, which started in January 2012 caters to all young people from the ages 16yrs-24yrs. Pastor Roger Samuel Thangiah along with his wife Pastor Nicole Thangiah who serve as youth pastors carry a great passion to help the youth rise up for Jesus in their generation!

Their vision is to see young people experience the love, grace and power of Jesus Christ in their lives and to follow the plan of God for their lives! They create an atmosphere where youth can come as they are, experience God and meet new friends.

NGS has monthly events, reaching out to children’s homes, ministering in the assembly at various schools and even organizing overseas mission trips!
The NGS service starts at 10:30 am every Sunday morning and is held in the basement at the FGAG Church premise. They begin with a lively worship experience for 30 minutes, followed by a message from the Pastors and then they conclude with thanksgiving and fellowship.

Pastor Sammy and Nicole believe in training leaders by encouraging them to identify their gifts and abilities and then to use it to serve God, in the ministry! They choose 15 leaders who serve in worship, ushering, prayer, outreaches, announcements, dances and in other various services in their ministry!

Their desire is for the Gospel to be spread throughout Bangalore and all over the world! Pastors Sammy and Nicole passionately desire to bring as many young people to the knowledge of Christ while discipling them to be leaders and warriors for the Kingdom of God. Sammy, with his apostolic and healing ministry, and Nicole, with her teaching and discerning gift, desire that their relationship with God and each other should display the love of Christ to others, motivate young people to walk into the blessings that God has for them and inspire them to rise up and stand as the new generation rises up.


Pastor Roger Thangiah fondly known as “Pastor Sammy,” never ever wanted to step into the ministry since he always dreamt of becoming a sports person or a pilot. However God’s plans for him were laid out even before the foundations of the earth.

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In 2006, Sammy accompanied his father for meetings in Durban, South Africa, where he was in charge of the media. One evening, Sammy felt a heavy burden to stay in the room, and pray. After sharing it with his father, he stayed back and just cried out to God. It was during that time of prayer that he had an encounter with the Lord Jesus, who told him that He was going to use him in ministry, and would take him around the world to minister the Gospel. From that point, he let go of his past, and pursued Gods calling in his life.

Sammy then completed his Bachelor of Theology from Valley Forge Christian College where he also met Nicole and on the completion of their studies they got married on 14th February, 2011. He stepped into the ministry of FGAG in 2010 to serve God by the side of his father Rev. Paul Thangiah, our Senior Pastor.

Sammy has a heart for young people and is passionate for them to receive God! He has an anointing for healing ministry and his desire is to see people from all over the world being set free by the power of God. Mission minded, Sammy has travelled to over 45 nations, taking the love of God and the power of God to many different people groups! As Missions Director, he organises short mission trips for the youth for them to experience first-hand the needs of the people and hear their cries personally so that they can give themselves zealously to the work of God.

At present Sammy serves as pastor of the New Generation Service, that reaches out to young people along with his beautiful and charismatic wife Pastor Nicole. Besides preaching and teaching at the NGS, Sammy also visits and oversees all the young boys in the NGS. He takes the youth for outreaches each month where they do public school events and he also regularly takes them to children's homes around Bangalore City where they share God’s love! In fact it is his desire is to see young people walking with God and making a difference in their communities by showing the love of Jesus!

Sammy is a very vibrant and dynamic worship leader who often leads worship in the English services. He is an effective communicator who uses interesting object lessons that hold the attention of his hearers and conveys his message.

Pastor Sammy has been married to Pastor Nicole, the woman after his very own heart since 2011 and together they are blessed with a son, Malachi James Thangiah a sharp and clever, one and a half year old, who enthusiastically calls out for the fire of God.

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Pastor Nicole from New Jersey, USA, felt the call of God to go full time overseas at the tender age of 17 when she went on her first overseas missions trip to Guatemala that changed her life. It was there that she was filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit and God gave her a vision of her doing full time ministry among the young people in other countries.

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Little did she then imagine the great things God had prepared for her! In response to the nudging of the Holy Spirit, she went on to complete her four year Bachelor’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry at Valley Forge Christian College where under God’s divine appointment she met Pastor Sammy. Step by step, God unveiled His wonderful plans to her and on her graduation she saw the fulfilment of God’s call in her life when in 2011 she came to India to work alongside her husband Pas. Sammy. In an amazing way God has taken Nicole along with her husband to 40 different countries where they have ministered together.

At present Nicole pastors the youth ministry of FGAG, the “New Generation Service” with Pastor Sammy. Nicole oversees the young women while Pastor Sammy oversees the young men in their congregation. She has a young women's ministry called Girl-Talk where once a month she meets with young women and they have a discussions on various topics such as relationships, God’s grace and share testimonies! Nicole believes that it is a great way for young women to meet outside of church and be blessed by others stories.

Nicole along with Pastor Sammy plan events, outreaches, programs and missions trips for the NGS youth! Nicole has a heart for the nations and to see young women grow in the gifts and abilities that God has called for them to do and to be confident in who they are!

Pastor Nicole finds in her husband Pastor Sammy a man who has a heart devoted to God and who loves his family. Their son Malachi James Thangiah is such a chirpy baby who is indeed a great delight.

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I was born into a Hindu family and was sent to a military school to attend nursery. Unfortunately my experience in school was not pleasant at all. I was abused by my school bus drivers and even the watchman. I just could not share this with anyone because I thought that no one would ever believe me.
My parents hardly had any time for me and I was left alone most of the time. As a result I grew up broken and developed a low self-esteem. I even had no friends in my life. In fact I was scared of people. At that point, I attended a care-cell in the house of a member from FGAG. At the care-cell, I came to realize how much Jesus loves me and all that I meant to Him. I put my trust in Jesus and gave my life to Him.
However at that particular moment, I heard God speak to me saying, “This is not your life but mine”. I had no second thoughts. Immediately I surrendered everything into God's hands. Nevertheless life was still difficult. Every time I went through confusion and struggles, Pastor Sammy and Pastor Nicole would pray for me. They encouraged me so much in every walk of my life, counselled me, and were just there for me. I rejoice today that I have many godly friends in NGS now who build me up spiritually!
Eventually my dad came to know that my sister and I were going to Church and so he threw us both out of the house and told us that we could only come back if we agree to leave the church and deny Jesus. Not willing to do so, we lived in a Paying Guest accommodation for three years and during those years God provided all our needs. However all my family members including my dad accepted Christ and now my sister and I are back home! All Glory to God alone for He is faithful!

-Netra -NGS Leader

Born and brought up in a Catholic family I just had a rough idea about God and His love! I joined St. Joseph’s College to pursue my education, but this is where I lost my track. I slowly fell into a bad company of friends and eventually got addicted to drugs (weed). I was so dependent on it that I could not even survive a day without it and this became my daily routine!
Then after completing my 2nd PUC I started pursuing my Bachelor’s Degree in Baldwin's College. Here I found more friends of “my type” and as a result my addictions actually increased! I was in my third year when one fine day I found myself so depressed and started seeking for true love and happiness deep inside my heart. At that time I heard about some prayer meeting happening in our Campus and decided to go. As I walked in, I had no idea what was happening because all of them were singing, dancing and seemed to be very happy!! I thought these people were just acting foolish.
I was actually on drugs when I went there. Then a pastor started to preach and one thing he said that I just cannot forget. He said, “This world calls you a sinner. This world calls you a drunkard. This world calls you a druggie. This world calls you useless… But Jesus calls you His son”!
I felt so happy listening to those words but it was short-lived. I started doing the same old stuff again although I was longing for a change! Then a girl came into my life and I had the greatest break through ever. But our relationship did not even last for a week because by the end of that week I found out that she was in a relationship with me and two other guys at the same time!
Disappointed, my addictions only increased and I was totally depressed! I tried many times to quit doing drugs and get rid of it but I just could not do it myself. Finally I decided to give it a full stop on 31st Dec 2014 because I could not sustain it and moreover I knew what I was doing was wrong!!
Many friends had encouraged me to attend NGS but I would refuse. In January I heard that NGS was organising 6 hours non-stop worship. It sounded really new to me and I decided to drop in. High on drugs I sat through all the 6 hours. I do not know what happened… all I know is that I felt so secure and comfortable. I cried out and surrendered myself to the Lord completely!
After the worship got over, I was standing all by myself wondering why the worship got over so soon. Suddenly Pastor Sammy walked towards me and He said, "God bless you” and he shook my hands. I felt so happy at that moment, I felt so encouraged!
When I got back home, I just went into my room and started praying, surrendering myself to God again! And while I was crying out to the Lord He spoke to me from Psalms 68:13, “Though you are in the sheep folds or pots, God sees you like a feather of a dove”.
From that day till date whenever I think of my past I only hate it because it shows me how foolish I was to depend upon this world which was offering me just temporary pleasure! Trust me....!! Four years of my addiction just vanished. It was only God who changed me for I know that I really could not have changed by myself. I just surrendered myself to Him and He did it all for me!! Now I am totally cleansed by His blood, covered by His grace and am so glad to be His son because His love never fails me!"

-Marsh- NGS Dance Crew


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